Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

  • Tips For Staffing Your Company

    If you are looking to grow your company, it pays to handle your staffing in a way that is effective and diligent. Since your staff is the backbone of your business, you'll need to widen your net to find the biggest pool of candidates, while narrowing it down to find the best. To do this, you can follow the strategies below and take the time to build the best staff possible.

  • What Defines A Good Internet And Phone Plan?

    Communication has changed a lot in just a few decades, and continues explosive growth within the last couple of years alone. Internet and mobile technology has already entered, exited, and revisited their hype and scary phases, moving between great convenience and dependency to disgust and reconnecting with the offline world. If you're a person of balance who wants to use internet and phones sensibly, you need a sensible plan. Here are a few details outlining what matters when picking a service plan that fits your specific needs.

  • The Top 3 Ways To Quickly Improve Customer Satisfaction

    If you've started a business and have worked hard to turn it into the success it is today, you should be proud of the accomplishments you've made so far. However, you should also understand that it's still important to keep up with customer satisfaction. It's the customers who have supported you throughout this journey, so keeping them satisfied with the service they receive should be a top priority for you.

  • Understanding Equipment Up Time Obstacles And Their Effects

    Customer support representatives will continue to nod, smile, and fish for more details when someone says "it's broke!", but technology leaders and tech early adopters need a more nuanced, engaged approach to stay on top. Understanding the potential applications, real failures, and recovery potential takes a level of hands of, but eyes on management that few systems can pull off without dumping piles of data that may as well be in Latin.

  • The Piezoelectric Effect And What It's Used For

    The word 'piezo' is short for piezoelectric and relates to the piezoelectric effect, which is the ability for materials to generate an electric charge as a result of mechanical stress being applied to it. This effect is unique because it is reversible and the materials generating the effect also exhibit the converse effect. So the piezo creates energy when stress is applied and also creates stress when electricity is applied.

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