Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

Business Owner? The Importance Of Cyber Security

Riley Garrett

If you are a business owner, you need to be concerned with cyber security. This is defending your network, servers, computers, data, and mobile devices from malicious and serious attacks. There are different types of cyber security available, two of which are listed below. 

Network Cyber Security

One of the most important parts of your computer system is the network. This is what runs everything from your laptops to computers sitting on your employees' desks. Consider what would happen if your network went down. No one in your company would have access to the data or software they need to do their job. 

Threats against networks include things like viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, password attacks, denial of service, and much more. A cybercriminal could gain access to your bank accounts, customers' personal data, and other sensitive information about your company. 

A cyber security solutions company will install software on your network, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc. to protect your network from these attacks. They will also make sure there is a firewall on the network to close all access points. This software will be constantly updated to protect it from future attacks. This is because new viruses are being developed all the time. 

Application Cyber Security

The applications you and your employees use are also susceptible to threats. To help with this, application cyber security is used to keep devices and software that your employees use free from these threats. A cyber security solutions company will prevent code or data within the software from being hacked or stolen. This is generally done when the applications and software are being designed and developed, as well as when the software and apps are being installed. 

A firewall can be installed within the software to define the activities that are prohibited and what is allowed when using the software. Authentication is often used which is where a user has to provide a username and password to log into a software or application. This will prevent someone from gaining access to the software. Multi-factor authentication is also used, which provides a username and password for software, as well as authenticating mobile devices. 

If you use cloud services for your company, a cyber security service can encrypt your data to make it unreadable for a cybercriminal to read. 

Talk with a cyber security solutions company in your area to learn more about the types of cyber security they can offer your company. You can then run your company without having to worry about cyber criminals attacking you.


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