Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

3D Configuration: Improve Your Online Product Images With 3D Technology

Riley Garrett

If you're struggling to sell some of your best online products to customers because the images look flat and boring, you should use 3D images instead of 2D images on your website. Many customers want to know exactly how products work or perform before they purchase them. If customers can't see your products in great detail, they may invest their money elsewhere. Learn more about dimensional technology and how 3D configuration can highlight your best products below. 

What Should You Know About Dimensional Technology?

Most people use 2D, or two-dimensional, technology to create product images on a computer screen or website. However, the images created by 2D technology can be flat and inaccessible. To attract active buyers to your online store, you'll need to use 3D technology to create images on your site.

There are distinct differences between 2D technology and 3D technology. 2D technology only allows your customers to see the width and length (or height) of your products. The 2D images may appear flat and boring to your customers. However, 3D technology allows your visitors to see every detail of your products, including the width, length, and depth. Your customers may feel more inclined to purchase your products if they know about them.

In order to implement 3D technology on your site, you'll need to use a 3D configurator program.

How Do You Use a 3D Configurator?

A 3D configurator software program allows you to do many things to your online products. You can use the software to highlight the best features of your products, or you can use the software to create different backgrounds, color schemes, and settings for your products. If you sell products that come with various features or colors, you want your customers to know about it.

3D configurator software can also allow your customers to interact with your products in real-time. You can configure your webpages to allow customers to move, change, and manipulate various features of your products. The interactive features allow customers to choose products that:

  • fit the specifications of their home or business
  • look attractive and unique in their home or business
  • match the products they already have in their home and business

You can obtain the 3D configurator software from a supplier, or you can hire a provider to configure your website for you. If you choose to configure your website yourself, be sure to purchase a software program that comes with detailed instructions. 

Learn more about 3D configuration programs and how they can help you highlight your products by contacting a technology provider today.


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