Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

The State Of Conversational AI Will Amaze You

Riley Garrett

The rise of conversational AI has seen the machine-learning systems move from small experiments promoted by companies like Facebook and Microsoft to everyday technologies that you may have interacted with and not even realized it. Using advanced neural network methodologies, these systems can learn the patterns of human speech in order to hold down basic conversations. The range of applications utilizing the technologies is now very impressive, and many available platforms are now robust enough that developers can confidently produce new apps using them.

Home Assistants

If you're dealing with conversational AI on a daily basis, there's a good chance that you're doing so through a home assistant system. These include a number of technologies, such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. They can handle a wide array of requirements, from fielding questions about the day's weather to setting up grocery lists. Many versions are also capable enough for use in other devices, including smartphones and automobiles.

Medical Assistance

The medical industry has become particularly interested in building chatbots that can help people with basic medical issues on a daily basis. This kind of conversational AI may be configured to ensure, for example, that someone is observing a regular drug consumption schedule. They also can be set up to handle rudimentary questions, such as ones about drug interactions or even setting up a doctor's appointment.

Customer Service

Chatbots have rapidly become very popular in the customer service industry, allowing companies to be sure that the public will have ready access to answers at all hours of the day. As a first point of contact, they can be especially handy for businesses that want to offer 24/7 support in a cost-effective manner. Even if a customer's questions prove to be too complicated, they can set up phone calls or chat sessions for later with a live operator to ensure that their concerns are met. As one of the greatest impediments to customer satisfaction is a lack of responsiveness, these systems can benefit companies immensely.

Social Media

Trying to be everywhere the customer is at all times can be difficult, especially in today's highly fractured social media landscape. Conversational AI systems, however, can follow social media mentions and provide appropriate responses to posts in a timely manner. This approach can significantly improve brand engagement, as customers are often surprised to see a company actively engaging with them so readily on social media.


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