Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

When A Satellite Office Needed That Document Yesterday: Options To Get It There

Riley Garrett

There are just days when you wish work was not so crazy. You work at the main office of your company, but a satellite office works in the next state over. Most of the time, they let the main office know when they need something in the next few days. The rest of the time, they fail to alert you to the fact that they need a particular document until after the date that they needed it. How can you get it to them as fast as possible? Here are a few options.

Same-Day Couriers

Yes, you can get same-day couriers to rush delivery of the document in question to the satellite office. As long as there is at least eight hours to do it, a same-day courier can manage it. If there is a time constraint, or the document has to be there by five o'clock, and it is already noon or later, this is a no-go option. If the satellite office were in the same city, four hours or less could work, but you are looking at the next state over, and that takes more time.

Email It

If you already have a digital copy of this document, you could just email it. They would have the document within an hour. If you do not have a digital copy, you could still email it, but there are a few extra steps involved. 

Scan and Email It

Scanners were developed with the idea in mind to get paper documents into digital form and onto your computer. (If you never had to use one, ask an older employee to show you how to do it.) Most copiers have a scanner function, especially the desktop all-in-one printers. Once you have the document scanned into your computer, you can send the scans as attachments to an email.

Send as a Text

Most of the time, smartphones are banned from the office, but your office might use a tablet to take photos of things. Clear it with your boss to take pictures of the document in question and send them to the person in the satellite office via text. The person on the other end will have to upload the shots into the desktop or laptop computer there, and then print out the documents.

Fax It

A fax machine sends a "fax-simile (facsimile) of the document to the requesting party. Essentially, the fax machine scans the document and sends a visual image to the fax machine in your satellite office. That machine prints the digital image and does it within a matter of ten minutes or less.


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