Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

The Top 3 Ways To Quickly Improve Customer Satisfaction

Riley Garrett

If you've started a business and have worked hard to turn it into the success it is today, you should be proud of the accomplishments you've made so far. However, you should also understand that it's still important to keep up with customer satisfaction. It's the customers who have supported you throughout this journey, so keeping them satisfied with the service they receive should be a top priority for you.

Use Good Business Phone Systems

Answering a call for a customer and then leaving them on hold for long periods of time is an easy way to increase frustration. In fact, by the time someone gets to the call, the customer may have decided to hang up the phone or he or she might start screaming and arguing because they're just that frustrated with waiting around for so long.

If you're trying to keep your customers from experiencing that frustration in the first place, you should invest some money into a high-quality business phone system. The system is something you could use to easily direct calls so that customers can speak to whoever they're asking for without waiting long. It would be easy for your employees to use and would make it even easier for the customers to call in with their own concerns or questions they'd like to ask. If the employees answering the phones are kind and helpful, customers are far likelier to feel satisfied with the service as a whole.

Request Satisfaction Surveys

Once they've had the opportunity to talk to someone who could address their concerns and answer any of the important questions they had, ask the customers if they'd be willing to take a survey based on how satisfied they feel with the call. Some people want to get off the phone as quickly as they can without providing feedback, but offering something as simple as a small discount for honest answers could work out wonderfully for your business.

When a customer answers crucial questions on a survey based on how well your business and employees are performing, you'll receive real answers and real feedback with plenty of constructive criticism. You can compare surveys and figure out what types of changes you'll need to make to increase that satisfaction rate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Phone surveys are just one of many options you'll have. There are other ways to get satisfaction surveys from your customers. You could ask them to fill out information on your website or even on one of the social media sites. There are a few different types of polls available. You'd be able to adjust the polls to ask questions that are of importance to you. The customers could choose to answer those polls anonymously, but they may want to use their email address or social media account if you're offering something to them for their honest feedback.

Don't Be Afraid to Admit Problems

If you or someone else working for the business has made some mistakes that caused the customers to feel frustrated and angry, don't be afraid to admit that something went wrong. Use social media as a platform to apologize, let the customers know how much they mean to you, and offer something special to them as a way of showing you're truly sorry. You could offer a free sample size product or a discount on certain services. When you're sincere with the customers, it pays off.

Always work harder to keep your customers satisfied. These are some of the different ways you could potentially increase customer satisfaction while figuring out the types of changes you might need to make to drastically improve your business now as well as in the future. If you show the customers you care, they may continue to buy from your business.


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