Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

Modernizing Campgrounds: Benefits Of Implementing A CMMS System

Riley Garrett

Running a campground gives you the benefit of providing people experiences with Mother Nature, but it doesn't mean that you have to hinder the way your business is run because of it. Staying up to date with booking, supplies, and other campground needs can make it easier to manage your seasonal and day to day business needs. One way to help do this is by implementing a CMMS system into your business. Standing for computerized maintenance management system, a CMMS can be easily integrated into your campground business and tweaked to match your needs. Understanding the various benefits can help you see how these systems works specifically for a campground.

Inventory Supply

Depending on the type of campground that you own, there will be all different needs for a variety of supplies. Public bathrooms will need toilet paper. Swimming pools need cleaning chemicals and chlorine. Cabins may need toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other accessories. If the campground has some type of snack bar or eating service, then there are a ton of supplies needed there as well. A CMMS system can help you automatically manage all of these items.

Quick scans and checks of inventory will tell you what to order next and can even automatically order them for you if needed. This can help prevent any shortages or other issues that may arise. By setting up an automatic system, a lot of your time can be saved on checking various inventories.

Reservation Management

During the camping season, you will be dealing with all types of reservations and a constant carousel of guests. Just because they are pitching up tents, it doesn't mean you have to do reservations by pen and paper. A CMMS system can easily be optimized to run the reservations. Not only does this keep things organized, but it can prevent a number of problems. Automatic checks and calendars can assure that you have not overbooked or double booked a campsite. If someone cancels or changes a reservation, the system can be used to ensure that the campsite is filled up and made available to anyone who wants it. Eliminating problems can help ensure that guests are happy and satisfied before they even arrive at the campground.

Employee Management

Along with all of your guests, it's important to have proper organization with the employees working at the campground. Employee shifts can be managed with a CMMS system, along with other more detailed tasks. For example, some employees may be assigned to work recreational activities while another is placed on life guard duty. Alerts can also be configured into the employee system using CMMS. If an area had run out of camp wood or a shower has malfunctioned, it's easy to alert employees and add tasks to digital calendars. This ensures that jobs get done and there is no miscommunication between employees.

Repairs and Budgeting

There may be times where you need to rely on third-party contractors to help with your campground. A full controlled list of repairs and maintenance can be created with maintenance CMMS software solutions. This includes contact information with companies, detailed repair reports, and a whole history of when past repairs were completed. Not only does this help with the overall maintenance of the campground, but it also helps with budgeting. The system can automatically detect how much you're spending on various repairs and use a calculated budget to understand what you can afford for the remainder of the camping season. This will help you decide on what changes to put off until the next season when more money is coming in.

It's probably a good start to install a CMMS system during the off-season so your campground is fully equipped and prepared for the changes when new campers arrive. A CMMS company can help with the full set up and provide all the information you need.


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